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If you want to own a high-growth business, this is your chance! Own a myPaisaa franchise with a one-time investment of Rs 5 Lakhs. We will run the daily business operations and logistics, while you get to enjoy high returns and profits along with us!

With our 100% digital chit fund solution powered by the latest technology, we're on the road to breaking all barriers faced by traditional chit fund investors.

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*50% of your investment is refundable at the end of the tenure

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A good source of monthly Income

Earn guaranteed income of ₹ 10,000 & more.That's 24% returns annually!

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Get back your investment of ₹ 5 lakhs within a few years

Join a High-Growth Business Sector

A completely digitized savings solution that appeals to a mass audience

Risk-free opportunity

Enjoy guaranteed returns while we handle all business operations & logistics

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myPaisaa is India's first 100% digital chit fund firm that's licensed by the Government of India and regulated by the Registrar of Chit Funds.

The myPaisaa app allows customers to invest and earn great returns as well as borrow affordably in just a few easy steps.

We are a completely transparent chit firm and it reflects in the way we do our auctions and payouts.

Join our fast-growing team that's disrupting the traditional chit fund segment and offering exciting new opportunities to retail investors in India.

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