The mPower Program lets you define your professional and personal success.

We're offering a comprehensive array of benefits that encompass professional, financial, physical and emotional wellbeing to help you improve every aspect of your life.

Come, let's become better together!

Financial Wellbeing

Our vision is to make goal-based financial advice accessible to all our employees. We're offering a unique program designed to provide financial wellness that'll enable you to fulfil your life goals in a planned and structured manner, without breaking the bank.

  • Employee ESOPS to enable wealth creation for all
  • Additional performance-based incentives and perks
  • Personal financial advisor for confidential guidance
  • Life cover for all employees

Emotional Wellbeing

Happy employees make for happy workplaces. We're committed to the emotional well-being of our employees and have roped in the support of emotional wellness experts to offer completely anonymous support in a safe and flexible environment.

  • Spot Rewards & Recognition Program
  • Employee of the Quarter Award
  • Confidential counselling & support services
  • Grand Meetups for employee engagement
  • Supportive work culture
  • Birthday, festival and milestone celebrations

Career Advancement

There's no limit to professional growth if you have the imagination, drive and positive attitude for it. All you need is willpower, we will provide you with the right tools and opportunities to get you on a career path that's limitless.

  • Employee Training & Development Programs
  • Career growth roadmap
  • Continuous evaluation & anytime role up-gradation
  • Quarterly performance reviews

Health & wellness

The best gift is the gift of health! Our health & wellness program offers support across fitness, nutrition, and medical needs of our employees.

  • Health Insurance for all employees
  • Health & wellness workshops & sessions
  • Free teledoc consultation in partnershipwith Plum & health webinars
  • Free annual Cult membership

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