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Money and Friendship Lessons from Sitcoms!

money and friends


No matter how tough life gets, there is always a sitcom to comfort you. That’s right, today’s sitcom culture has completely reeled us in with its vivid storytelling & relatable characters. 

With a towering reign of narratives and stories, we decided to pick out financial lessons from popular sitcoms. When there is money involved between friends, things can get dicey but definitely not if you were to handle it like these lovable characters below: 

1. When you find a like-minded friend, your business can prosper. | Two Broke Girls 

When you already have an unbreakable bond and a shared interest with a friend, running a start-up although hard, can be a joyful one. There is nothing like riding the rollercoaster journey of being an entrepreneur with your best friend. Max & Caroline from Two Broke Girls are proof of that. 

2. No matter how close a friend, contract it. | Big Bang Theory 

Rules are rules. Period. This is what the great Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory follows to the T even with his best friend, Leonard, when they decide to become roommates. No matter how much you trust someone, ensure that when money is involved between friends, paperwork comes first. 

3. A friend in need is always a friend indeed | F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Sometimes the best return of investing in friendship is probably having a cheerleader for life. It is not in cash but quite literally “kind”. Monica becomes the torchbearer of becoming financially independent to Rachel. With Monica positively propelling her and even allowing Rachel to live with her, Rachel later on follows her interest in fashion, pursues it and makes a stable career for herself. 

4. Risk-taking is crucial to any business & fun when done with a friend. | Suits 

Harvey & Mike from Suits live life on the edge. Be it the bold moves of Mike or the heralding lies of Harvey which always mean that they are on the cusp of yet another professional victory, having a partner in crime as they say is a must.

With tales of these characters we literally grow with every day, one truly realizes the sheer essence of friendship in life. This got you thinking about your own true friends, didn’t it?

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Now, isn’t this exciting? It’s time to make the friends that count, truly “count”. 


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