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myPaisaa Chit Fund Plans you must explore!

Chit Plans


myPaisaa is a chit fund company that is recognized by the Government of India and regulated by the Telangana Registrar of Chits. You can verify and monitor the progress of every chit fund of ours on the T-Chits platform. Thus, you can be assured that we are verified, legal, and safe for you to invest in and accelerate your savings journey. 

We are primarily known for being a 100% Digital Chit Fund Platform as we are redefining the chit fund market that had plateaued for a long period of time. Yes, we revel in digitizing the chit fund process in every little way possible to ensure you have a seamless experience on our App.

Another reason why our customers are slowly recognizing us is our intuitive configuration of chit plans. Recently, we found out that most of our customers invest in myPaisaa to fulfill their borrowing needs. We decided to increase the number of auctions we conduct every month. Yes, while most chit fund companies hold 1 auction every month, we broke the mould by conducting 4 e-auctions every month. This year, we upped the ante by introducing a plan where we can conduct 10 e-auctions in a month. We restructured our chit plans to match our customers requirements. 

Our Chit Fund plans are not only the most rewarding but the most unconventional as well! Now that you have a fair idea of the framework of our chit plans, let’s understand the four Chit Plans we conduct: 

1. Chota Save

This is a 50K Chit Plan where you can invest a small amount of just Rs 2,000 every month. Ideal to fulfill small time goals, college students can pursue this to probably buy that bike they’ve been eying or new professionals can invest in this to bring discipline to their expenditure by setting aside a small amount, month on month for investing. Be it the first or the last month of the chit period, you can bid and win the entire amount which might come to about Rs 49,000 as we charge just 2% commission on this chit plan. 

2. Bada Save

This 1 lakh chit plan requires you to only invest a meagre amount of Rs 4,000 every month. This is ideal for DINK couples who are planning on saving together, as an investment in their future. The best part about investing in a chit fund is that, every month you receive dividends as well irrespective you win or don’t win the bid. Considering the low commission and the amount you save on GST,  you can win upto Rs 98,000 through e-auctions on this particular chit plan. 

3. Zyada Save

This is a 3-lakh chit plan that will complement your big plans. Be it that wedding, taking an international trip or even pursuing your education further, you can bank on this 3 lakh chit plan. All you have to do is invest Rs 10,000 every month. If you win the bid in the first month itself, you can win upto Rs 2,94,000 through e-auctions. 

4. 10X10 Chit Plan

This is a revolutionary 50K chit plan that is for 10 months only. But what makes it more enticing is that in this chit plan, we conduct 10 e-auctions every month! Yes, this chit plan is truly every borrower’s aid. Instead of taking a loan where the process of applying is taxing and the interest, high, invest in a myPaisaa chit plan! It is undoubtedly the better option. 

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to commence your chit fund journey with us! 


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