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Six Reasons why you should invest in Chits


Most of us heard the term chits and should be having an experience of investing chits with a common friend or a neighbour in a residential community.

Did you know that these investments are not secure, though they are trustworthy. There is no legal cover in case of a dispute or conflict of interest. This experience makes you feel that Chits are a complex tool.

You need to know that there three types of Chits:

State Government Run Chits: There are few state governments who officially run chits for people in a fair and transparent manner. These are safe to invest.

Private Registered: These chits are run by private companies, but they register the chit including security amount with the registrar of chits. This creates security for the subscribers legally. Here the service from the provider is transparent and trust worthy.

Unregistered: These are run by common friends and do not have a legal cover. It is not a safe investment. It is very important the subscriber is aware of this.

Not that all state governments run chits. The viable option for the investor should be to go with private registered chit fund companies like IBG eChits. Now as we are clear which type of chit we need to opt for, let us look at top 6 reasons why we need to invest in chits:

Chits are Unique:

This is the only financial instrument that enables both saving and instant borrowing. The borrowing also happens at a much lower than market interest rates.

Low Risk and Better Returns:

If you opt with a private registered chit fund company like IBG eChits, the risk is low and the returns are around 12% to 14%.

Personalized as per need:

There are many chit schemes that are personalized as per your need or as per your budget savings. You can choose what works for you.


Chits are regulated by registrar of chits. Hence safe to invest as there is a legal cover.


With companies like IBG eChits adopting block chain technology for their chit operations, monitoring has become more transparent and trustworthy

Sustenance of Investment:

In chits you are always get the prize money higher than the total amount you paid for the scheme. It helps in sustenance of investment.

Ease of Understanding:

The concept of chits is very easy to understand for everyone. It is a viable option for everyone.

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