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How Chit Fund Works?


Many of us must have heard or have an impression how chits work informally from the instances we have seen with our common friends or a neighbour from the community.

Let’s make a detailed effort as to understand how chit actually works. It’s a simple concept. To make it further simple, we at IBG eChits have come up with a very simple example.

Understanding Terms:

Chit Value: If a new chit group is announced for 1 lakh rupees over a time 25 months, this amount is defined as chit value.

Chit Period: In the above example the time over which the chit group stays active is termed as chit value. It is 25 months in this case.

Subscribers: For 1 lakh chit group, the chit company needs to gather 25 people. The number of people in a chit group are termed as subscribers.

Foreman: The chit company that runs a chit scheme is termed as foreman. In our case it is IBG eChits.

Process:The infographic below explains the process involved with an example.

This is how a chit fund works. Remember to choose a registered chit fund like IBG eChits.


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